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Q. How do you suggest cleaning both the Impact Gel wool and fleece saddle pads?

First, turn the pad over and take a stiff brush or curry comb over the pad to loosen the dirt and hair.  It then becomes a personal preference as to whether and equine cleaning solution is used.  If using a cleaning solution, apply it at this time and work it into the pad with a brush. 
Second, take a regular garden hose on a higher setting (for pressure) and wash from the center line out, moving the dirt and hair outward.  It is important if an equine cleaning solution is used that all of the solution is removed.  Then allow the pad to air dry. 
If cleaning is an issue, simply put a light blanket under the pad in order to keep it clean. We recommend thorough cleaning at least twice a month, but that also depends on how often you ride.  This is important because it extends the life of your pad.

Q. Can the Impact Gel leak out of the pad?

Simply stated, no.  Impact Gel is not a liquid and does not move within the pad.  While we speak of it being a gel, it starts out in a liquid form, then is poured into a sealed bladder.  It sets into a semi-solid state within minutes.  If the pad were to be punctured or cut, nothing will leak from the pad.  The gel bladder is glued into position between the layers and then reinforced with stitching to eliminate movement.

Q. What makes an Impact Gel pad better than any other pad?

Impact Gel pads have two distinct benefits that out-perform our competitors.  Impact Gel pads are unsurpassed in relieving pressure points caused by a poor fitting saddle – a major cause of white spots.  We are also unequalled in dissipating energy that is normally transferred onto the horse.  The benefit from this is the animal stays fresher longer, and performs better.

Q. Where can I buy Impact Gel products?

The easiest way is to go to the dealer locator on our website, or give us a call.  Any dealers within your area will be displayed upon the screen.  If there is not a dealer in your area, we would love to work with your regular tack dealer. We also have several online and catalog dealers, so give us a call if you would like to know more information. 

Q. Which Impact Gel pad breathes better?

Our best pads for wicking away moisture is the Navajo blanket line.  These pads are constructed with a hand woven, decorative, 100% wool tops and wool fleece lining. (Also available with felt lining as well) 

Q. Does Impact Gel do award pads?

We have two options for award patches:
            1.  Lasering:  available as a corner patch OR wear leathers.  We have designs available to choose from, featuring various disciplines.  You can even submit your own design or picture and our graphics team will go to work on transferring the picture to a black & white design.  Lasering is only available in standard leather.
            2.  Embroidery:  Pick your color of thread! They’re available in a variety of beautiful colors.  This option is for corner patches only. 
COST:  $13 per corner patch (either laser or embroidery)
              $25 for the set of wear leathers (standard leather lasering only)

Q. Which horse should I use the 1/2 Western Straight Back pad with?

Even though this pad uses the same amount of gel as a regular pad, it is not designed for the same type of horse.  The western straight back is designed for a horse that has no withers, or that is more barrel shaped.  This pad is a great addition for use underneath your favorite show blanket.

Q. Does Impact Gel make a pad with a rubber inside?

Currently, Impact Gel makes a contour pad with an anti-slip material on the bottom called tacky tack.  This is a special order item and costs a bit more because of the difficulty in the sewing process.  We also have a felt/neoprene pad available, which consists of ¼” of felt on top and a ½” of neoprene on the bottom.  These options are available only on our contour or western straight back pads.

Q. How's the customer service?

I have received my replacement pad and want to thank you very much. It says a lot for the company to do what you have done. Thank you and if there is anything I can do to return this task just e-mail me and let me know. I will be glad to do it. Thank you again and God Bless you all!!! Thanks, Maggie Ladner

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how great the customer service is at your company. I called last week and was having trouble with my Impact Gel pad. Your company went above all my expectations, and are mailing me a new gel pad. I use and endorse the gel pad and will be recommending them to all my students, clients, and friends... A Satisfied Customer Dan Forman, Mississippi

Q. How long do the Horse Trax impact reduction shoe pads last?

Our Horse Trax average two shoeings.  This depends upon the length of time you go between changing shoes and what type of surface your horse is running on.  We have customers (i.e. mounted police, endurance riders, Amish carriages) using pads worn on horses that are constantly on hard rock-asphalt surfaces.  On average, that type of riding is only one pair per shoeing.  Other users have reported that they can use the same pair for three shoeings.  The most important thing is to change them as soon as you see any compromise in the integrity of the pad.  We also do not recommend using any packing material under the pad, which limits the ability for our product to do its job and hinders the ability of the hoof to breathe effectively.

Q. Does Impact Gel make protective leg care products?

We came out with our leg care line briefly in 2006, and have since sold out.  We are now working with several manufacturers on perfecting a new design.