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Electronics FAQ's

Q. Where can I buy Impact Gel products? ?

We sell our products on our website and other online channels. We also have authorized retailers with physical locations throughout the United States. Call our office for help locating a dealer in your area.

Q. What makes an Impact Gel phone case better than any other phone case? ?

Impact Gel phone cases contain 1.2mm - 2mm of Impact Gel that surrounds your phone and helps dissipate shock in drops and falls. Our cases have been independently tested by Intertek to survive falls up to 20 feet and absorb up to 50% more shock than competeing impact resistant cases.

Q. Will an Impact Gel phone case stop my screen from breaking? ?

Impact Gel cases only cover the body of the phone and thus primarily protect the phone's body. While our cases dissipate a tremendous amount of shock and reduce the likelihood of your screen breaking, every situation is unique and there is always a chance that your screen may crack or shatter. There is no case that will make your phone completely indestructible.

Q. My phone case does not have gel in the back, is it missing? ?

Depending on the design, some cases only contain Impact Gel in the corners and edges.

Q. What does the One Year Warranty cover? ?

The one year warranty on electronics protection covers defects in workmanship or manufacturing of the case. It does not cover damage to the device. Please see our warranty page under the "Support" tab for a full warranty description.

Q. I lost the template for my Transformer case, can I get a new one? ?

Yes! You can view a list of printable templates by visiting our Templates page.

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