Impact Gel’s footwear line offers a large range of comfort for your feet. From dress shoes to work boots, our insoles help to alleviate pain in your feet and joints by giving you a layer of shock-absorbing cushion. Impact Gel’s antimicrobial insoles combine a layer of patented gel with an energy absorbing urethane foam. This produces an insole that significantly reduces energy transfer and helps keep you pain-free.


  • Clinically proven and podiatrist tested.
  • Redistributes weight under sensitive pressure points.
  • Provides maximum foot shock protection where it is needed most.
  • Helps you stay on your feet longer.
  • Advanced antimicrobial fabric provides exceptional odor control.
  • Guaranteed cushioning comfort and durability.
“Impact Gel reduces shock and absorbs stress and strain on the lower extremities better than all the materials I have tested.”
- Dr. James Losito Podiatrist for the Miami Heat
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