Copy of About Us

Matthew Kriesel formally founded Impact Gel Corporation in 2002. From inception, the company worked to refine its Impact Gel formulation and experimented with specific product applications for the gel.


Prior to founding Impact Gel, Matthew Kriesel formed the MATTEC Corporation with Richard Childress, the owner of multiple racing teams. MATTEC Corporation developed a head and neck restraint system known as the Hutchens Device. Today, this device and its hybrids are well known and respected in the world of racing. Matt then went on to invent the Impact Gel compound but remained affiliated with NASCAR. In 2000, when Geoff Bodine was involved in a very serious accident at the Daytona 500, he credited the gel (which was inserted into areas of his seat) for saving him from severe injury.

The Impact Gel office, product development and manufacturing facility is located in Ettrick, Wisconsin. Although we are a relatively small company in size, we always think about the big picture and new, innovative ways to use Impact Gel. We are working on developing many types of products using our environmentally friendly gel, made right here in the USA.