A Saddle Pad That Stays Put

A Saddle Pad That Stays Put

As a Trick Rider it is key for your saddle pad to stay in place. Impact Gel has designed a saddle pad made to stay put for those key moments.

One of Canada's Professional Trick Riding teams, Wild Rose Trick Riding, demonstrates this in their performance's using Impact Gel's Scarlett Denim Saddle Pad.

“The sport of trick riding requires a special type of pad. It is of the utmost importance that our horses feel safe, secure and pain free. Impact Gel has knocked it out of the park with their top of the line saddle pads. As you can imagine, trick riding can add a lot of strain on our horses backs and our Impact Gel saddle pads go above and beyond to alleviate that stress.”-Wildrose Trick Riding

Impact Gel patented technology provides a low profile ride that doesn’t slip. It won’t move and keeps you and your saddle in perfect alignment during the critical points of your ride. This pad won’t roll over when you go into a barrel or skillfully lean off your saddle into a trick.

It also allows you to run a looser cinch so the horse can breathe, and be at their peak performance. When you don’t want movement in a critical situation, it locks down protecting you and your horse.

If you are still on the fence we recommend trying one out for yourself. We offer a 35-day money back guarantee on all Impact Gel Equine Saddle Pads purchased directly from us; new or used! If you are not satisfied you can return your saddle pad within 35 days of the purchase date and receive a full refund (less shipping and handling). Please note Custom Saddle Pads, Previously Loved Pads, and some accessories are FINAL SALE and can not be returned.