Fall is in the Air: Impact Gel has your Fall Inspired Saddle Pad

Fall is in the Air: Impact Gel has your Fall Inspired Saddle Pad

The air has turned crisp, the leaves are beginning to change, and trail rides are a bit more chilly than before. It is officially Fall and we are here for all the pumpkin-spiced, caramel-apple, leaf-turning, crispy air vibes-that and all the FALL inspired Saddle Pads at Impact Gel.

Impact Gel has the most stunning Fall inspired Wovens and Legend Elites.

The first, Red Velvet, which should be named after a Caramel Apple with its carmel hues and deep red accents.  Impact Gel describes it as, a decadent combination of chocolate brown, red velvet, and a soft tan. This blend is complete with dark detailing on a subtle cream background.

Red Velvet  is available in 2 sizes:

34" Wide" x 30" Long OR 36” Wide x 34” Long

Another gorgeous Fall-inspired saddle pad: Hank. Hank is a burnt orange, vibrant orange, soft yellow and brown tied together with a classic wear leather. Hank is available in 3 sizes including 34" Wide" x 30" Long, 34" Wide" x 32" Long or 36” Wide x 34” Long.

If you are looking for a more 'spooky' inspired Saddle Pad I would recommend the Aim High Collection in the Tan, Black and Red selection. This woven is offered in one size, 34" Wide x 32" Long.

If patterns are more your style, Impact Gel has your Fall loving self covered. With selections of Plaid, Mustard Yellow, Camouflage and Sunflower printed Legend Elites. Not only are the Legend Elites gorgeous, but they have a cool texture-like that of a football. This texture helps the pad stay in place and prevents any slip or roll.

Whatever your Fall vibe may be, Impact Gel has a TON of options that your horse will love. Each pad is of course outfitted with their patented gel technology inside making it not only a stylish, but comfortable ride.