Saddle Pad Thickness: How do I choose?

Saddle Pad Thickness: How do I choose?


How do I determine which thickness to order when ordering a Saddle Pad?

When it comes to choosing a saddle pad, there are several factors to consider. One of the most important considerations is the thickness of the pad. The thickness of a saddle pad can greatly impact the comfort and fit of your horse's saddle. But how do you determine which thickness to order when ordering a saddle pad? In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of choosing the right thickness for your saddle pad.

The discipline and purpose largely determines the thickness you need. As a general rule, our 3/4" pad is the most universal and will suit most riders perfectly.

If you ride for extended periods or if excess pressure is applied from roping or steer wrestling, for example, you will generally need a thicker 1" pad.

For saddles that are custom fit or contest horses where weight and time are of concern, our 1/2" pad or XT pads are very popular.

What about a Woven Pad? 

Our Contoured Woven is a little over a 1/2" thick, which to many, sounds WAY too thin for their needs. ⁠

Our saying, thin is in. Why, you may ask? Our gel! Our gel located where the tree of your saddle sits and provides enough protection without the need for a thick pad. A thinner pad is also less likely to slip or roll.⁠

If you still feel you need additional thickness we suggest adding a saddle pad liner.⁠

When in doubt, ask us what thickness is best for your horse.