Shoulder Bridge Pad Accessory

The Bridge pad is an accessory designed to support horses with a pronounced shoulder pocket and prominent withers. It is composed of shock absorbing Impact Gel and a layer of memory foam encased in black cotton. The shoulder pad may be used beneath English or Western Saddles to improve balance, fit and stability.  This item is best used over the saddle pad and can be placed at the shoulder where extra support is needed.  This item unfolds to drape over both sides of the shoulders.  With proper placement it will elevate the saddle tree off the scapula and provide better range of motion for horses more squarely made.

Supports horses with a pronounced shoulder pocket and prominent withers

  • Fills in behind the wither without adding too much padding
  • Composed of Impact Gel and memory foam
To effectively reduce pressure points, place the bridge pad directly against the horse with the tapered edges facing the horse. 5"H (narrow point) x 8.5"H (wide point) x 15"L and 3/4" thick.

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